Yellowstone NAtional Park Places to Live


Our pace of life is as unique as the extremely spectacular wilderness that surrounds us. Cooke City, Silver Gate, and Colter Pass residents have varied backgrounds and stories, but all love the area with a passion.


The population in the Colter Pass, Cooke City, Silver Gate area is approximately 75 people year round and 250 people during the summer. 


We are located only a few miles from the Northeast Gate of Yellowstone National Park. We are surrounded by Yellowstone National Park, Custer Gallatin National Forest and two Scenic Byways; The Beartooth Highway and Chief Joseph Highway.  


If you have ever been here, you will know why it is called the Big Sky State! The most blue and spacious skies you will ever experience.  Take in a deep breath, smell the pines and the fresh air; this is where relaxing takes on a whole new meaning. 



Colter Pass, Cooke City and Silver Gate are unincorporated towns located in Park County Montana.  Our county seat is in Livingston, MT.  Montana has a lodging tax of 7% and there is no sales tax.  The Cooke City area district has a 3% resort tax on all tourism type charges.  For more information on these taxes, please check out the below links under Local and State Services.


Restaurants, lodging, outfitters, construction, gas stations and gifts stores are the major areas of business.  We also have several non-profit organizations.


Our one room school serves K-8th grades.  For school information contact the Park County School District office at 406.222.4148.


Colter Pass, Cooke City, and Silver Gate are unique areas with an economy strongly anchored in tourism. We work hard to ensure our towns' histories are preserved and protect our environment so that we have pristine and gorgeous wilderness for travelers to explore for generations to come. If you are interested in starting or expanding a business in our area, the State of Montana has an excellent resource site. We at the Chamber are also available to answer any questions you have about doing business in the area. Contact us today for assistance.

Resort Tax Information

The Cooke City area district has a 3 % resort tax on all tourism type charges based on the Resort Tax Ordinance No 18.  This tax was implemented in 2006 and will continue for 20 years. 







Contact the Treasurer at Park County for additional information 406.222.4119

Report:  Resort Tax Reports are submitted quarterly to the Treasurer at Park County.  Use the button below to print and complete the report. You will need to mail the report,  with your payment, to Park County Treasurer, 414 E. Callender Street, Livingston, MT 59047.  You may also obtain a copy of this report at the Chamber office.

Resort Tax Due Dates:

1st Qtr due April 30

2nd Qtr due July 31

3rd Qtr due October 31

4th Qtr due January 31

Cooke City Area, Local and State Services in Park County

Contacts and phone numbers for Park County:


Park County Seat is located at 414 E Callender St, Livingston, MT  59047



406.222.4106 or email at


You can access the minutes of the commissioners meetings at


Commissioners' Direct Contacts:

Clint Tinsley,    c.  406.224.3376

Bill Berg,              c.  406.223.2565

Steve Caldwell,   c. 406.222.4687

Other Important Contacts and Numbers:


Sanitarian                  406.222.4145

Sheriff’s Office          406.222.2050

Motor Vehicles        406.222.4120

Treasurer’s Office    406.222.4119

Clerk & Recorder    406.222.4110

School District         406.222.4148

Emergency Services     911

Utility Services


Telephone - Century Link     877.417.3983   Power outage hotline 800.406.0762


Electric Services – Flathead Electric Coop   800.735.8489   


Internet Satellite – Exede/ViaSat or Hughes networks


Internet Services are also available through Century Link (in Cooke City area only)


Television services – Dish Network or Direct TV


Water – Cooke City Water District 406.333.4551


Emergency Services – Cooke City/Silver Gate Fire Department

Other Important Numbers and Links


Gallatin/Custer National Forest, office  406.848.7375  


Montana Fish and Wildlife Parks    General Information 406.444.2511  


Yellowstone National Park  307-344-2117      Road Conditions update