The Colter Pass, Cooke City, Silver Gate area provides the state’s best snowmobiling as supported by SnoWest Magazine who rated Cooke City #1 in 2004. Offering 60 miles of groomed trails that are maintained by the local volunteer snowmobile club.



Snowmobiling In Silver Gate Area

A few of the most talked about trails like Daisy Pass takes a rider to elevations of 10,000 ft., exposing a spectacular panoramic view of the backcountry. Henderson Mountain trail takes you to great high marking mountains and meadows of deep powder with some of the best tree riding for boon dockers. Round Lake Trail leads you to tree filled areas and meadows. Lulu Pass Trail heads you into old mining country and takes you over the top to the best backcountry riding in the Western United States.


Some come here for the breathtaking scenery and some come for the breathtaking ride! Not only can you ride in the Cooke City area, but you can also access the Beartooth Mountain Range—referred to as the Top of the World. The Beartooth’s offer meadows, hill climbing and spectacular scenery. You will literally feel like you're on Top of the World.

All the trails are spectacular in their own right and they will lead you to play areas, which you will assign your own degree of difficulty. Beginners and seasoned riders alike can find plenty of area and snow to master during their visit here. Hill climbing is available for those who wish to venture up while there also are countless meadows to play in. The multiple areas of trees provide premium boon docking. The backcountry riding is superb and you can decide just how tough to make it.

Cooke City snowmobiling can start in early November and can end in late June or July. Cooke City is famous for late riding where winter snow conditions can often be seen in the late spring. Cooke City spring riding allows access to areas that may have been out of reach for some in normal mid-winter conditions—so extend your riding season and come to Cooke City.

Regardless of your riding ability and experience, Cooke City has snowmobile riding to meet your needs. Bring your family, bring your friends, come and enjoy all we have to offer for the snowmobiling experience. Bring your sled or not—you can find all makes of sleds right here!


Be aware of avalanche threats before heading out. Check out the Montana Avalanche Report with the link below.


Transceivers are available for rental along with your sled.



Snowmobiling In Silver Gate Area
Snowmobiling In Silver Gate Area
Snowmobiling In Silver Gate Area

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